The Anti-Anti-Vax Movement

Richard McCoy
2 min readAug 11, 2021


August 11, 2021

Politicians and business leaders seem paralyzed by the thought of mandating vaccinations for Covid-19. Their excuses for inaction seem bizarre, contradictory and, most important, deadly.

Back in the dark days, 2020, The Donald did one thing that I still have to applaud. He authorized the federal government to guarantee that pharmaceutical companies would be paid for research, development and production of vaccines. With this money in the bank, they moved creatively and swiftly to produce the Moderna, Pfizer and J & J vaccines, plus others that are in use in other parts of the world. As a result, we now have numerous options to effectively, safely and inexpensively (to the recipients) prevent almost all serious illness from this pernicious virus.

There was a consensus across political lines that vaccines were the ultimate solution to the pandemic that has taken 618,000 American lives and 4.32 million lives worldwide.

There are numerous reasons (which I have expounded on previously) why about 30% of Americans have failed to take advantage of this medical miracle. Some have a grain of reality and others do not.

I hear restaurant owners, businesses, operators of public arenas and others say that they cannot require their customers or employees to be vaccinated because of the backlash they might get from those who adamantly refuse the cure. Many are likely swayed by the reports of unruly airline passengers, or their own experience of angry customers, who refuse to wear a mask.

Well, it is time to show these reluctant leaders that they are wrong, and that their economic interests are best served by requiring vaccinations.

For starters, I propose that everyone who is repulsed by the unnecessary suffering caused by the current Delta wave should call their favorite local restaurants and ask if they require proof of vaccinations for their guests. If they say “no,” then tell them that you will no longer patronize their establishment until they impose such a requirement.

Tell them that you will not jeopardize your own health and the health of others, particularly children, by taking the risk of contracting Covid in their restaurant. Make sure that they understand that, while they may lose customers by asking for a vaccine certificate, they will lose more customers if they do not.

To parody Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant:

If one person does it, they won’t let him in.

If three people do it, they may think it’s an organization.

If 50 people do it, can you imagine 50 people a day refusing to patronize restaurants who fail to require vaccinations, they may think it’s a movement.

And that’s what it is, the Anti-Anti-Vax Restaurant movement.

And all you need to do to join is make a phone call.

If you are over 60, I guarantee you won’t get that tune out of your head all day. But you will have pushed back on the irrational, deadly thinking that is allowing the Delta Covid variant to cause pointless suffering. To paraphrase Edmund Burke, all that is necessary for the unreasonable minority to succeed is that rational people do nothing.



Richard McCoy

In December 2015 I sparked lively debate when I told my adult children that The Donald would likely be the next President. Still trying to encourage discussions