Republican Senators, Denounce The Donald

October 6, 2020

There is less than a month until a critical Presidential election. We now know how The Donald governs, by fiat and whim without consultation with Congress, career specialists in his own agencies, or even members of the Cabinet that he appointed. We understand that his disregard, perhaps disdain, for vital democratic institutions threatens both the economic stability of our nation and our role as a leader in the international community.

What can we do?

As I wrote 18 months ago, The Donald represents an international nativist movement that will inevitably lead to worldwide fiscal instability, regression on gains in public health, denigration of the environment, and, conceivably, political volatility, conflict and war. His removal by impeachment, invocation of the 25th Amendment or political chicanery in the Electoral College will only invigorate the voters who see him as an anti-elitist hero.

What can we do?

He threatens the system of international cooperation and co-dependency that has, for 75 years since the end of WWII, helped everyone avoid the devastation of major wars that plagued the first half of the 20th century. Imperfect as that system may be, it is vital for the well-being of every nation and person on the planet.

What can we do?

While a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC poll may have confirmed my belief that The Donald’s bombastic performance in the first debate convinced a significant number of Romney/Reagan Republicans to turn away from him, there remains enough time for him to erase that memory and turn the race to his advantage.

What can we do?

It is now time (in my view, well past time) for a significant number of Republican Senators to announce that they no longer support The Donald for reelection.

It is time for Republican Senators to move past the fear/survival mode and express, loudly and in public, what they have reportedly been saying in private for over four years — this man is a disaster for our country.

The image yesterday of this pitiful man, standing alone in front of the White House, flags behind him, waving (to no one) for a photo op, attempting to convey strength and invincibility, was too reminiscent of authoritarian leaders of the past and present. The scripted medical reports from his doctors, clearly dictated by The Donald in an effort to preserve his brand rather than inform, evidenced a total disregard for the needs of a nation seeking comfort about a stricken leader.

His statement to “don’t let it dominate your lives” insults and demeans the families and friends of 210,000 American Covid-19 victims, many of whom did not have to die. It is a call to action that will lead to more unnecessary deaths.

The last seven days, starting with revelations about The Donald’s taxes, should have been the final straw for any Republican Senator with an ounce of civility, morality and leadership.

Ignore, if you must, the idealistic reasons to separate from this bankrupt administration. The Donald is leading the Republican Party to ruin, and, Republican Senators, he is taking your career with him.

What can you do? Take a stand. Be a leader. Win the respect of voters in future elections. Denounce The Donald.

In December 2015 I sparked lively debate when I told my adult children that The Donald would likely be the next President. Still trying to encourage discussions

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Richard McCoy

In December 2015 I sparked lively debate when I told my adult children that The Donald would likely be the next President. Still trying to encourage discussions